Official College Girls

Three of my friends are going to the same university in the fall and they just found out who their roommates are.

I found out who my roommate is in late June. Two of my friends who are also going to the same school found out in early June. My friend who is going to school in Iowa found out last week. I was with her when she got the email.

It’s strange. In a way, these 3 finding out about their roommates has finalized it all. They were the last handful of us, waiting for that email in your inbox to show up. And now that they know–well, there’s nothing else for us to wait for.

It’s coming. We’re not going back to school together in September. We’re going to be miles, states, away. Hours in the car. Days to walk. It’s coming. It’s all changing. No more high school. No more lunch by “the” locker. None of those old familiar things. They’re all gone and they’re just not gone–they’re gone forever.

How unreal is that?

Nothing is standing in the way.

It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming.


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