3 Month Without Shopping?!?

Listening To: You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship

I think I’m going to try something. I would like to say that it was for some personal cleanse or something like that. Something spiritual maybe, but I’ll be honest: it’s not. It’s mostly because as I’m packing for college, I’m realizing how many clothes I have that I never wear, how many shoes I have that I haven’t put on my feet in months, how many movies I have when I only watch a movie about once every two weeks during the school year, and how many CD I have when I don’t even have a CD player. And do not get me started on how many books I have.

So here the deal. I am going to go three months without shopping for the non-things I can’t live without things. Three month without buying:

1) Clothes

2) Shoes

3) Books

4) Movies

5) CDS

Tomorrow (August 11th–I can’t start today because I bought a romper. I know.) to November 11th

Let’s go!


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