Happy 55th!

Today is my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary.

Let’s all just sit back for a second and think about that. 55. Fifty five. FIFTY FIVE. That’s a lot of ones, a lot of years. That’s 660 months. 2640 weeks. Probably more, since my math is bad and I didn’t count months with 5 weeks. That’s 330 Panama trips. And I thought that was long? My grandparents have lived together, have shared their life with each other for 2/3 of their individual lives.

I look at them and they are one of the couples that makes me think that that is possible to do and still be happy with your spouse. There are a great deal of couples that I look at and in which I can not see that. Maybe I’m seeing the good end of my grandparents’ relationship. Maybe the earlier years were more rough. I have no way of knowing. I just know now and what I see now makes me believe that getting married would be worth it. Not much else convences me of that.

My grandpa had a heart attack and died a year ago yesterday (I believe. All of the details of the event really have never been past on to me, since I was in Panama at the time.) He is alive and well now. I watched my grandma with him today and I see how truly grateful she is for that fact. She loves him. He loves her. To quote some movie I don’t know the name of: “Love is hard to find because the base of love is true friendship, which in itself is impossible to find.”

So how do I find that? How does anybody find that? Who knows.

That’s not what is important. What is important is that I ate breakfast with my grandparents and then lunch; as I went to Target with my grandma and my siblings; as I went out to dinner with my family; as Grandpa said funny, typical Grandpa things and we watched them enjoy the flowers we bought them; as we sat in a coffee shop, listening to our family friends share their gift of music, I watch true love. And I now know that is it possible.

That is just one of the many things that my grandparents have taught to me.

Mazel tov GJ2. Here’s to many more!


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