Just Good

It’s beautiful here. The sun is shinning. The wind is blowing. The music is playing in the background.

Not everything is right yet. I’m still worried, since I haven’t signed up for classes yet and I want to know what I’m going to be taking. I’m one of the last ones to sign up for classes so I’m nervous I won’t get anything that I want. But there are so many classes that I want to take while I’m here, that I almost don’t care if I don’t get to take math first semester. I mean, who would choose math over Ethics or Foundations in Leadership? Not me, that’s for sure.

I had a group meeting with my academic advisor this morning. He’s from Japan and kind of hard to understand but really funny at the same time. Then I took a freshman survey that is based out of UCLA. I love answering questions about myself. Then I went up to my room and started thinking about what I want to take. That emerged into a few phoen calls with Mom and then I ran over to Main Hall to try and figure out this whole getting eligible to work as a lifeguard thing. Turns out I actually did have to go to the employment meeting so I ran across the street and into the meeting, 10 minutes late. Oh well. Now that’s almost figured out. Lunch came next and now I’m going to my favorite place: the library to figure out all that wonderfulness.

Not everything is perfect, but not everything is going to be perfect, and I think that it hard to realize that from home. I think that while I was sitting in my room at home, throwing this and that into boxes and bags, I had this picture in my head of how perfect college was going to be. And maybe it will be, maybe all that’s coming, but while it’s not here, I’m going to be fine with that. I don’t need perfect. I don’t believe in perfect anyways. I just need good.


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