Lines Leading Everywhere

Listening To: Danza Kudro

That feeling when you first open a brand new notebook. Everything about it is perfect. There are no marks, not scratches, no scribbles, everything is yours to create, yours to form. It is yours.

That feeling happened four times today. It rushed up through me. It filled my soul. It reminded me of all the other times that feeling has filled me, back when I was sitting in an elementary classroom, a middle school one, a high school one. Today was the first day of classes, of college classes. It was impossible to pull myself out of bed this morning, that’s how I knew it was a first day of school. I managed though, opting for 15 more minutes of sleep over a shower. I went over to breakfast and then to my first class of the day and the year: International Relations.

I love it already. I love the teacher–he’s my academic advisor. He’s from Japan and so one of the main reasons I love him is his accent. The other is his sense of humor. He’s cracking jokes the whole time and I am already in love with his class materials. I know it’s only a day in but I loved what we spent the day talking about: culture and how it effects your perspective and how that effects your theories. He gave the example of how the winner always ends up writing history, and that why the story behind World War Two that I know is the one I know, and not one from the perspective of the Japanese. He then proceeded to go over both perspectives and I learned things about Japan and it’s reason for Peral Harbor I never knew! I don’t like how history and therefore my learning is warped by the general populus’ need to win and therefore share their victory but we just need to be aware that there’s is always two sides to the story.

Then I had Spanish. I love the sound of a native speaker’s voice. It’s like music to my ears. Then, after lunch, I struggled to figure out the whole book thing. It’s crazy and crazy expensive. Then after that bit of stress, I had Algebra. Our “real” teacher just moved here from some South American country and his work visa isn’t cleared yet so we’re having another teacher step in until he get that cleared. I don’t remember any of the algebra that I learned in high school but I think once I start doing it again on a regular basis, I’ll be good. I forgot how much I love math though. I love that there is one answer and just one answer and you have to work to find that.

Then I had Writing 101 and there is only NINE people in the class (there’s only 12 in my Spanish class!). The teacher is supposed to be the hardest English teacher on campus but I really like her, and I really like everyone else in my class. We made up nicknames for each other already–mine’s Nutmeg!

After dinner with some of my English class classmates, I’ve just been chilling/doing homework/house keeping stuff, like figuring out how and what books to buy, in my suite. We had some suite bonding and a debate over whose room is bigger. I still haven’t really talked to our seniors which is strange but we have a suite meeting tomorrow, so it’ll come with time. They’re showing Iron Jawed Angels on Friday which I’m super excited about because that is one of my favorite movies ever. And some musician is coming on Saturday which I’m excited about too. I don’t have a ton of homework yet and I’ve done all that I can–but I can’t do most of it because I don’t have my books! Which is going to be a problem, but they’re supposed to be here soon so I’m crossing my fingers.

A lot of girls already seem bonded and I just don’t understand, as always, how people make friends so quickly. I guess we’ve been here a week tomorrow (!!) but I’m not like that. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends here and I’m meeting people left and right (One of my favorite things is that I can sit at any table in the dinning hall and not feel totally uncomfortable. Everyone is so nice and nobody judges. If you want to sit, sit! They’ll chat it up with you and tell you scary stories about the supposed Man in Black ghost.). There are so many names, I feel as if I will never remember them all. But people know each other. Like really seem to know each other and I have never understand how bonds like that are formed so fast. I had the same problem during AMIGOS briefing. I blinked and then suddenly everyone had their four best friends following them around everywhere and all the time. Sometimes, I feel like everyone else has some skill or handbook that I don’t know about and that’s how they all bond together so quickly.

But I’m not like that, and I just keep telling myself that I don’t have to be like that. It’s not like after the first week you can’t make any new friends. You can always meet new people.  You just have to put yourself out there, which sometimes is something that is really hard for me, but it’s something that I’m working on.


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