Singin’ in the Rain

Yesterday I worked my first shift at the pool on campus from 4 to 6. I convinced two of my suitmates to come and swim while I was on duty. They were the only 2 people in the pool for the first hour. It was nice to have someone to talk to while I was guarding. We laughed a lot too, since Kelley was trying to teach Maria how to use different things available for use in the pool. Beka came in after her run and then 2 more girls came. The max number of people in the pool at one time was 4. It was crazy easy compared to guarding at home.

At 6ish I locked up the pool and went to dinner. Beka wasn’t there yet and Kelley and Maria were leaving so I sat down at a table next to theirs. Beka came a few minutes later and we talked for a good while with some girls named Katie, Ciera, Ande and two other girls, whose names I don’t remember. We then ended up staying and talking so late that it was 6:45ish so we walked over to the showing of Iron Jawed Angels with Katie.

That is my all time favorite movie. I know that I love a lot of movies and I love them all a lot but I really love Iron Jawed Angels. It not only true (minus the Patrick Demspey part) but it tells a part of history that is often forgotten in an absolutely beautiful way. It always makes me cry. I have this ability to put myself in the shoes of characters very easily and watching that movie and thinking about the friendship between Alice Paul and Lucy Burns makes me think about my own best friends and I always, always, always cry. I know what it’s like to feel so connected to a person that they are simply an extension of your own body. I know that quite well. There are a lot of people I would do anything for in a heartbeat, without a single question. I wish I had some thing to fight for like that, some thing I believed in so much that I would do whatever I could, whatever I was able to, to win it. And I wish I could thank every single women who fought for my right to vote. It frustrates me when people don’t use that right, that privilege really, because so many women around the world do not have it, and the women in our country really haven’t had it that long (Less than 100 years!). So much sacrifice went into you being able to complete that line.

My other comment about the movie is that I really liked watching in it an all female audience. We all laughed at the same jokes, and it really is only in an all female audience that when Patrick Dempsey says “I’ll take you to dinner.” that someone can yell, “You can take me to dinner.” and the whole audience will hoot and holler in agreement:)

After the movie, we went back to our suite and Maria and Kelley ended up hanging out in our room for a while. We Google Map our houses to show each other and tried to consul Kelley through her decision about dropping or maybe not dropping her Hispanic Lit class. It was fun.

Today I was planning to get up and go work out but it started to storm in the middle of the night and when I woke up, I was so comfortable in my blankets and sheets, that I didn’t want to move. So I didn’t. At 10ish I got up and took a shower. Afterwards, I started reading my International Relations homework. 40 whole pages! It took me basically all day (with breaks in between, so not all day at all really). I took a quick break after a handful of minutes to go run through the rain to my bike. Hood up, I rode it over to the chapel steps and got it registered with the town police. Soaked, I climbed back up the stairs and returned to my reading. At 12, Beka and I went over to lunch. We sat with one of our suitmates Cheslea and Ciera and Ande. We had a super nice conversation about everything from tattoos to how many kids we want to have to homesickness. Ciera decided she wanted to go to Walmart with Beka and I on the shuttle at 2, so after a quick 40 minute reading session, we ran back across the rain to the chapel steps. Walmart was a headache but I got rainboots! And some food and a stapler, all things I needed.

We ran into Katie and all waited for the second return shuttle together. We talked about this and that, including introverts v extroverts, my FAVORITE topic of conversation. Once we got back, I read until 5:45 when Beka and I (wearing our rainboots!) walked over to dinner for the concert and “picnic”. A musician named Steve Means played in the dinning hall and it was so funny to watch all the girls fangirl and him respond to it. And okay I admit, it was fun to do some fangirling too:) He was really good though! And super funny. Plus he opened for T-Pain;) Oh and I got a letter from Abby! And my books came–well 3/5 of them!

Today was good. Half of yesterday was good. Everything is getting better. The homework, oh the homework. But this is it, and right now, I’m good.


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