Quick points: Beka and I went to free yoga tonight! It was AMAZING. I got so relaxed. It’s every Monday and Thursday–yes! I’m so excited. Then we went back to our suite (after going to Main Hall looking for everyone in our suite who told us to meet them there for hide and go seek but they weren’t there!) and about half of us ended up playing hide and go seek. It last an hour and we only got through one round–we couldn’t find Chelsea, and she didn’t move for the whole hour. That’s insane. I would’ve moved–and then we went back to the suite. There was a lot of laughing and screaming and bonding. I’ve been doing homework ever since, except for the 14 minutes (okay 30 minutes, I watched it twice) I  spend watching the video of our Kneester year Em made. I laughed so hard and then I almsot cried. I love my Kneesters. I miss them so much.

The word home to me is with the people I love and with the places I love. Why? Because they make me feel safe, because they make me feel loved, because they give me hope and make me believe that everything can and will be okay. That’s why. If you asked, I couldn’t make it so you could see my bedroom when I was 8 through my descriptions of it, because that was not, and is not, important to me. Houses aren’t home. I am home when I am with my family, the Fab 5. I am home when I am with Rachael, where ever we are. I am home when I am with Samantha, when I’m with my church family. I am home, oh so at home, when I am with Grandma and Grandpa, Janet and Denny. I’ve never been more at home than when I am with Iida, except perhaps when I was in Santa Isabel. I was so at home there I could barely breathe. I am home in my own bedroom, I am becoming at home in my dormroom. I am home at Bass Lake, very much at home. The peace there floods into my soul and swallows it whole. I am at home when it rains, when the water dances and twists, taking away all the pain. I am at home when I am near the ocean, the waves crashing and turning. It is the one thing I am not afraid of. I am at home–perhaps the most at home–with my 8 friends. My Kneesters. They allow me to be me maybe more than anyone else does. They are my people, every single one of them. They are my home.


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