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The last few days have been really good. They’ve blended together, so there’s going to be a lot of “and this day” in this post, but when you’re busy studying and reading and eating and studying, it’s understandable that everything will turn into one.

I just got back from the Activities Expo–I’m super excited to get involved on campus! I joined S.A.V.E (Students Against A Vanishing Environment), Feminist Majority Foundation, Global Citizens, LEO, and Rotarct (a volunteer club!). I’m just super duper excited. I love to have stuff to do. I lost my phone at the Expo though. I was in the bathroom and I put all of stuff down to wash my hands and I realized I was holding one less thing than I was supposed to be holding and I was like freaking out. I ran back into the auditorium and looked under all the seats. It wasn’t there. I figured I put it down while writing down my email somewhere. I ran past all the tables and I still couldn’t find it. I past Beka then and told her and she called my phone. I ran away, asking people if they’d  seen a phone. When I went back to her, freaking out majorly now, she was like “Calm down, someone found it.” Thankfully someone found my phone and thne picked it up and brought it to us! Yay.

Anyways, today I spent 2 hours in the dinning hall talking with people. I sat down just planning to eat quickly and leave but 2 hours later, the dinning hall lady ended up kicking us out. It was the best. I love laughing–plus we talked about my overalls! And there was really really good ice cream pie.

What else has happened this week? Let me think, try to remember. It’s hard. I taught Jackie how to dive in Aquacises today. I really like that class. Everyone is so nice. Everyone is so nice here in general. But Aquacises is really fun and really hard–you get suck a workout–but it doesn’t seem like you’re doing anything and I love swimming, so it’s the perfect combination. I really like my English class–Writing 101. We had a drama on Monday because one person had to switch to the later class so that that class could have the needed 5 (FIVE!) people to be a class and nobody had volunteered over the weekend so she had to pull names from a hat. I’m SO happy I didn’t ge picked. I really like that class and then it turns out that we got a new student on wednesday so that was strange that they didn’t just put her in the later class. For Wednesday we had to read an article about the different communication styles of males and females and we talked about that and it was super interesting. THe article discussed how women are more constructive with their words and men tend to be critical. We also talked about how and why we decided to come to Cottey and what the reactions were and about women’s colleges in general and it was a really nice conversation. The new girl is a second year from Georgia (the country) and it was really nice to have her point of view in the conversation. I also really like my British Women Writers class. It’s harder for me to speak up in the class because it’s mostly second years and I feel a bit uncomfortable but every time I go in, I force myself to say at least one thing and I did more than that today and I was super proud!:) Plus we’re reading A Room of One’s Own and it gets a bit dry but I think it’s really interesting and it brings up a lot of interesting topics. We do a lot of talking about women and women’s rights and since that stuff really interests me, I really like it.

I had my hatefest with the internet and the US Post office yesterday and Tuesday. Here’s how it went down. I saw online on Tuesday that my last 2 packages with my books had been delivered but they didn’t get delivered to my hall. So I thought maybe they would come at the 5 oclock delivery of mail and when they didn’t I was SO frustrated. I had no idea where they were and the receptionist told me that they were probably at Student Services but it closed at 5 so I had to wait until yesterday to get them and therefore had to run to the library to go and copy the pages I needed to read and mark for Writing 101. So then yesterday I went to the Student Service and I had a package. It was super large and I was really confused as to why my books were in such a huge box. I ripped it open and it was a care package from back home! From the PEO ladies who helped me with my scholarships. It’s 8 bags of popcorn and not just popcorn but like kettle corn and carmel corn and SUPER YUMMY THINGS. I was super happy but also really confused as to where my books were. An hour or so later I get a call from an area code I don’t know. I almost don’t pick it up but then I do. It’s Student Services saying that I had 2 more packages. I ran back over after Algebra and I got the packages and again was confused because this time they seemed to be too small. I ripped them open and yup, I ordered the wrong books. So then I had to go through the process of returning the books and hopefully (cross your fingers) I’ll get my money back and my newly order English book will get here tomorrow and it’ll be the right one. I ended up just buying the math book. It’s was so expensive but oh well. Nothing was getting shipped for 2 to 3 weeks.

So there was that, and I’ve been doing a lot of homework. I think I’ve talked about everything that has happened this week but at the same time, I’m sure I left something out. We’re going to the UMC rummage sale tomorrow–yay shopping! And then the LEO lawn party is on Sunday, among other things like studying. Yay!

Happy almost Friday!


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