Rainstorms and Firedrills

Just a quick update before I dive into my mountains of homework. This week past lightening fast but at the same time, kind of slow. Ah, that wonderful feeling of time that goes hand and hand with being in school. I’ve formed a group of friends that includes Katie, Ellen, Jackie, Beka and I, along with Amanda, Amanda and Joanne. There’s a lot of other girls I’ve become friends with too, like the girls in my Writing 101 class. It’s really really nice not to feel unconnected anymore.

I’m getting to know my suitemates a lot better. Meet the Suites was yesterday: all of the freshman rotate from suite to suite to meet the second years and that was really fun. After seeing everyone else’s suites though, we returned to our own with the mission of redecorating. What unfolded was a night full of shoving furniture around the room and collapsing the mountain of boxes we had created in the suite area, along with Megan writing all of our names and phone numbers on the mirror. It feels a lot more open now and more homey. I really like the new arrangement.

Yesterday after Algebra, Katie, Ellen, Beka, Amanda and I went to the United Methodist Women’s basement sale. We were walking there when lightening crashed across the sky and it started to rain. We spent a good hour and a half there, partly because we couldn’t walk back since it was POURING outside and partly because it was a garage sale and how can you not spend that much time there? We got a ride back from one of the women. All of them were incredibly nice. I think Beka and I might be going to church tomorrow? I really want the community that often comes hand and hand with being part of a church.

We had our beginning of the year, middle of the night fire drill last night at 5:00am. It was horrible and I wouldn’t have gotten up if Beka hadn’t come bursting into the room (She was sleeping in the suite area for some reason) yelling “Meghan GET OUT OF BED.” I had horrible fire etiquette and went back into my room 4 times before we finally left the building.

That’s all the major events I think. The LEO lawn party is tomorrow so I’m excited for that. Jackie is in the play this fall so I’m already getting excited to go and see her in that. 2 of my clubs that I signed up for at the Club Expo have meetings next week, which I’ really excited for. I have a ton of homework but that’s not new. We’re having movie Sunday tomorrow again. Yay!


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