This and That

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This is just a super quick update before I head across the street to elections, to vote for our class representatives along with the school’s.

It’s only Tuesday but I already wish it was Friday. I’m so stressed out with school work. My OCD kicks in all the time, due to trying to keep each class and what I have to do for each of them straight. But I think I’m doing pretty good with everything–except Algebra. It’s killing me. I’m going to go and figure out if there’s a tutor of sometime I can meet with every once and a while tomorrow though. I have a paper due for British Women Writer’s next thursday and one for Writing 101 due within the next 2 weeks too and BLAH. But I have a lot of time to do everything so I think I’ll be fine. I just felt short of time today because Tuesday and Thursday are normally my study study study, do all my homework days and I had to go get my allergy shot so that cut a good chunk of time out of the middle of my day.

But besides all the expected school stress, I’m going really well! I went to the first S.A.V.E meeting today (Students Against A Vanish Environment) and tomorrow I’m going to Global Citizens and then on Thursday to FMF. I went to the LEO lawn party of Sunday and I’m SO excited about that! I signed up for 3 events–2 o which are lunch/dinner plus a speaker type things and this week. The other is at the end of September and is a field trip to work on a farm! Yay! I’m (probably but if I can’t it will be because of something extreme) going to Slutwalk next week. I have to figure out the ride thing but I want to go really really really bad. Formal Drawing is on Friday so I’m excited for that (my school has 4 societies and everyone gets sorted–like houses at Hogwarts!)

Okay, off to elections!


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