It’s been a while since I’ve written more than a flash of a moment so I thought I’d take the time right now after working on my math homework for an hour and 20 minutes (because I have a quiz tomorrow. Whoop! Not.) and before British Women Writers.

Well this past weekend was really fun. On Friday was formal drawing so we had to dress up for dinner. After a long chat with Ellen and Beka at dinner, we moved our conversation up into the parlor of Robbie, Ellen’s dorm. We ended up watching Sex and the City 2 on TV for a while and then we walked over to formal drawling. The four inter-societies were spread out in the auditorium cheering as loud as they could. After a few speechs by the president and vice president of Inter-Society, the legacies were called (not me though! If you’re a legacy you can choose to be in the same society your mom/sister/aunt etc was or to be drawn but Mom couldn’t remember which society she was in, so I had to get drawn :)). Then everyone else got picked and I was on the verge of a full on panic attack because it was so nerve wracking sitting there, waiting and waiting and waiting for them to call your name. Each society would pick a name and then the next and the next and the next and then they would all repeat. After every name was pulled, that society’s other members would scream some version of a pop song they’d turned into a cheer retaining to their society. (Example: Build me up, build me up Alphan, we don’t let you down. or Tell me why, you ain’t nothing but an Alphan, ani’t nothing but the best, etc). I finally got called at about 2/3 of the names had been pulled and then climbed on to the stage to sign the Alphan roster and get my purple (!) ribbon. It was super fun and I’m so happy about which society I got! Although Beka, Ellen and Jackie are all Mags and Jackie keeps saying I betrayed them.

After all that, we ended up having a movie night with Katie and Amanda. We watch Stardust. Saturday consisted of sleep, lunch, Ellen driving us all to Wal-mart and us then trying to force Beka’s bike into the back of Ellen’s tiny car. Then we watched Sex and the City, went to the chalk artist and played sardines. Sunday was mostly homework minus the break for the LEO supper and Step Sing.

Step Sing was amazing–minus one detail. I was really excited as we waited on the steps of main hall, all of us freshwoman who want to be traditional, and then all the seniors walked around the corner in a long line, holding hands and singing, wearing their duck jackets (jean jackets that have been past down from year to year from senior to senior and have a ton of bells and buttons on them) They then stood in front of the steps for a while and sung silly songs. After about 4 or 5 of them, the class president called out “Find your seniors in the circle.” And all the seniors proceeded to circle up on the lawn and all the freshwoman went to go and find their seniors from their suite. Except Kelley, Beka and I couldn’t find Emily….because she wasn’t there. This is our only senior (Beauty isn’t traditional), miss Emily from Idaho, who told us at lest 6 or 7 times “do traditions, do traditions, do traditions, they’re the best. Do them.” And where was she? Who knows, but not there. I was–am–annoyed. Honestly, all she does is cry about her boyfriend. Literally 3 or 4 times a week, I’ll walk into the suite and find her crying to Megan and Margarit about him. It’s insane and if that’s what she wants to care about fine, but how is it that I ended up in the one suite without any seniors? It’s really effects us as a suite. There was less bonding at the begining–we had to go out of our way to interact with each other and there is no “Oh, I’ll just ask my seniors” because we don’t have any who are traditional or who aren’t in the room all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I like both of our seniors: Emily is really nice when she isn’t crying and Beauty is a sweetheart but I look at the other suites and they’ve really connected with their seniors which then allows them to connect with other seniors more and expand their social groups but we don’t have that connect and it’s so infuriating.

Anyways, we got adopted by the president of the senior class’ suite–Minnesota–and they only have two seniors but they’re super nice  and sweet. After the circle singing finished, we all walked to the seniors sidewalks and they had to carry us down them. It was really fun but I felt out of it, since I’d never talked to these two seniors before: they aren’t “my” seniors. Oh well though. Such is life and I’m not going to let our lack of seniors ruin my experience.

After that, we went back to our room for more homework and a movie. I watched Becoming Jane–it was so good. Monday came next and it was a very Monday Monday. I have 2 quizzes tomorrow and my peer review for Writing 101. I really like the piece I wrote-it’s about our worst or best education experience.

Today is Beka’s birthday so we’re going to see Finding Nemo 3D later. I’m excited to get off campus for a while and just spend time with friends.

Yay! That’s all the news from here. Slutwalk in Kansas City on Saturday, plus the Neon Rave! Happy Peace Week!


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