You simply look at someone and you have no idea who they are. No idea at all. You don’t know who they care the most about, where they’re from, who they miss the most, why they’re here, what got them to this point, right here, right now, in this heartbeat. Exchange a few words with someone or maybe more than that, and still you don’t really know them, you don’t really know their story. You may know who they talk about the most now, but you don’t know what they love about that person, how they met, how much they miss them, if it’s every heartbeat of everyday or just in moments when they close their eyes. You spend a few days with someone and maybe now you know their favorite food, their favorite animal, their favorite color. Maybe now you know where they’re from, bits and pieces of why they’re here and not somewhere else. Maybe now you know how many siblings they have, what their best friends name is, their favorite tv show, their favorite song. Maybe now you know. You spend a month with someone and you can learn a lot about someone but you can’t learn everything. You spend 2 months with someone and basically just that person and you can know them like the back of your own hand or you can not know them at all. You spend 9 months with someone and they can become who you are or you can not know them at all, still all those moments later. You spend 4 years with someone and you can know so much about them, so very much, you can laugh with them and cry with them and sob and eat and sleep and everything with them, and still not know them completely. You can spend 7 years with someone and they can turn around and surprise you, shock you right to the core.

So what am I saying? That you can never truly know someone? Yes, that is kind of what I’m saying, right here, right now, but yet you can know someone very well in a short amount of time and someone else hardly at all after spending years with them. Why is that? I don’t know.

And why is it that the girls who post things like “God is everything.” as their Facebook statuses peer pressure their friends into doing things, and follow the crowd? Why is it that so many people who claim to be Christian and therefore love everyone as God’s children, think non-believers are going to die and go to hell when Jesus comes back to Earth?

Being Christian doesn’t make you a good person. Being non-Christian does not make you a bad person. Being you makes you you. It’s as simple as that. And you know what else is simple? Everyone deserves to be loved. Some people are just harder to love and people who can’t see that other people besides themselves have feelings? Well, I guess they deserve to be loved too, but they are impossible to love sometimes. So does loving them make me a good person? Does loving the unlovable make me Christian?

Does it really matter? Does any of it really matter? We’re only here once anyways and when we die, all we will be is ash.


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