Traditions Round 2

“We love you freshman, oh yes we do. We love you freshman, and we’ll be true. When you aren’t near, we’re blue-NAVY BLUE. Oh freshman, we love you.”

Let me explain. So last night, was VAC–Virgnia Alice Cottey Hour. I thought it was supposed to be an hour during which we all sat in our dorm rooms with only one desk lamp on and studied, reflecting on what is like for the founder of of school to live like. I was excited. I love sitting in the dark and after Emily chased us all into our rooms and made us put our laptops and phones out on the table, Beka and I settled in. She turned on her floor lamp and I made her turn it off and turn on just her desk lamp since the floor lap was brighter than the overhead lamp. We were laughing and knitting when suddenly I heard a noise outside. I got up since I thought someone was stealing our passdowns (which they have been doing!) and I was like “Right now? During all of this? That’s not fair.” But when I opened the door I didn’t see anyone or anything, except two bags at the foot of our door. I was like “Oh cute, we get a present after sitting in the dark for an hour.” and shut the door. We were knitting and just sitting there and then someone comes on over the louder speaker and goes “Freshman open your doors!” Beka and I go to the door…so does everyone else in our suite. And as we pick up our bags, there is a loud noise that starts pouring through the intercom and up the stairs. “We love you freshman, oh yes we do…” “Put on your baby blues and come downstairs!” Someone yelled over the louder speak. We yanked open the bags and found our very own passdowns inside! The senior class’ color is navy blue and the freshman’s is baby blue and the seniors have duck jackets that they wear to all of the traditions and these are like our own duck jackets but they’re out baby blues. They’ve been passdown year to year and on the back are the names of everyone to whom they have belonged, including our names, which Emily and Beauty added for us! Thankfully mine is just a jacket and not anything like other people’s. Kelley’s is a zip up nightgown cover up, Beka’s a sweatshirt, Maria’s is this bathrobe that is twice as long as her and Margarit got a pant suit!

So still half confused, we went downstairs dressed in our baby blues–and my all grey sweats! Oh that joy–and found all the seniors in the lobby in a circle singing the song I wrote above. Everyone went to sit by their seniors and they explained that these are our passdowns and that we get to wear them at every tradition (and NOT wash them!. They smell gross.). They then sung a few more songs and “VAC” hour was over.

It was crazy and funny and so totally random. I love that about Cottey. Nothing is as it seems. Everything is a surprise. We’re always being kept on our toes. There another tradition (I think?) on Friday called Dottey Cottey and I’m already super excited to see what happens.

The poster sale was today–I got a few. We got pranked this morning. I walked into the bathroom to find streamers strung every which way. I’m doing my first loads of laundry¬†since I got here. Nothing too exciting, nothing too special–except all of it is:)

PS: I went to the Safewalk aka the Slutwalk in Kansas City on Saturday. It was amazing!


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