I’m at work right now and since it’s family weekend and also, who wants to workout on a Friday night? Nobody. Friday nights are for eating, not swimming. Anyways, I’m at work and nobody is here so first I worked on Beka’s scarf for a while and now I’m moving on to the oh so wonderful entertainment of the internet. But before I move on to working on my homework, I thought that I would updated a little bit on my life.

This week was long but yet short, just like all the other ones. All the days tend to blend together so I can’t even really remember what happened. I just remember that this week I got a lot of papers and tests back. I did good on my math test and good on my first British Women Writers essay. I took my first Spanish test and I feel pretty good about it. There was a lot of studying, of course. We found out that our class’ mascot is the wolf. What else? Of course there was the drama involving two of my suitemates: one left until January and the other is gone for a month for reasons I’m not really sure I should post on the internet. I, just, it was stressful, yesterday was. There was a lot of tears and a lot of almost tears and a lot of feeling empty and helpless and shocked. Life slapped us all in the face and it’s not that that isn’t something you don’t expect. It’s just that even when that happens, you’re still surprised.

Ellen, Beka, Jackie and I went to McDonald’s on Wednesday night in remembrance of the death of Jackie’s dad. It’s something that her mom and her used to do and since this is her first year away from her mom, she wanted to go with all of us. We went late at night and had a few adventures while we were there and lots of laughs.

I guess that’s something I wanted to talk about. I don’t connect with people very fast and the first 3 weeks or so that I was here, I felt really lost. I wasn’t sure that I was supposed to be here at all and sometimes, of course, I stil doubt that, but I really like the group of friends that I’ve found and I’m really proud of myself for making these connections. It’s just every time that I make friends without the help or via the connections of my previous friends, I’m always a little shocked and I’m not sure why but it still shocks me a little bit. But ever since Panama, and even more so each and every day, I realize: I can function on my own. I can do all of this on my own. My friends here are very different than my friends at home in a lot of ways (mostly religious views and view points of social issues and politics) but being such good friends with them and realizing that I will miss them over winter break and that I want to protect them and love them in the same ways that I want to protect my friends from home and in the same way that I love my friends from home, makes me realize that political views, while important, are not the defining factor of people or of friendships. My friends here are like my friends at home in the most important way: they care about who I am.


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