I just got back from  LEO leadership lunch. The speaker was a woman who is a social worker at a not-for-profit agency, called the Children’s Center, which helps children who are severely physically and/or sexually abused. I love LEO leadership lunches. I love hearing these women’s amazing stories about how they reached where they are in their lives right now. Plus, they’re always so real and down to earth that reaching where they are right now, or something equivalent to it, always seems so possible. I think I might want to be a social worker now maybe. Doing what she does sounds like it would be emotional draining and impossible but so worthy at the same time. Plus she mentioned this thing called social workers p.r.n, who are social workers who act on an as needed basis, which means that if there was an earthquake in Chile, they’ll call you up, you’ll pack your bags and you’ll fly to Chile. So cool! We’ll see though. Social work is now definitely a possibility.

What else? I turned in my Ad analysis essay, after a long battle with the scanner and copier in the library. I got the revision of my education essay back and got an A (up from my B+)! My Writing 101 teacher is the hardest english teacher at Cottey and she asked for a copy of my essay for her files, and recommend that I enter my essay in the Cottey writing contest in January. I’m really proud of that essay. Hopefully the rest of them will go just as well. I have one more essay for my other english class due this week, on Pride and Prejudice, so I’ve got to get working one that. We went to listen to Ellen sing for her Voice class yesterday. She is amazing.

That’s all for now really. Everything is good.

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