Madison Bred

I had the hardest time in my International Relations class when we had to discuss about whether or not we thought the United States is a nation-state. To be a nation-state, all a state has to have is some sort of something that bonds the people together. It can be culture, religion, or ideas. I  argued that the US is not a nation-state. There are too many nations living in this country for them to be bonded into one. Almost everyone else in my class disagreed, saying that it is the American ideals that bond the citizens of the US together. I see this point and I almost understand it, but the key word is almost. I just can’t wrap my head about the US being a nation state because I don’t feel connected to this state. Yes, there are a great deal of things that I love about this country, including my freedom of speech (which allows me to write this post) and my right to vote and so much more. But I don’t know–I just don’t love America. Yes, I appreciate it and I do realize that it is a great place to live but I don’t love it. I wouldn’t die for it. I watch my friends from abroad and I see something in them for their countries that I do not possess.

I thought I didn’t possess this feeling for anything, not even my state, but as the time I spend here at school increases, I’ve realized something: I love Madison and I have great pride for it, and because of that, I love being from Wisconsin.We went to an A Capella group last night called the Cat’s Pajamas and one of the singers is from Middleton. My heart started to race. To be so far away from home and meet someone who knows what I mean when I talk about Ian’s Pizza and State Street and Taste of Madison and well, everything, it made me so happy. I miss Madison. I miss my liberal bubble. I miss the lakes. The falling leaves. The farmers market, the everything.

I am proud to be Madison bred.


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