I haven’t written in a long time, but I have a lot of reading and studying to do so I’m just going to do a lot of summarizing. Here we go:

Last week was a blur-I had two essays due so there was a lot of running around trying to get the ads for my Writing 101 essay copied correctly (which was a lot harder that it sounds) and then I had to written a 5 to 7 page paper on Pride and Prejudice, which I actually really enjoyed doing. I feel really good about that essay but we’ll see how it goes. On Tuesday I had a Leadership Lunch for LEO. Wednesday an a capella group called Cat’s Pajamas camp to campus. They were amazing. Beka and I had a moment when we were walking in–I slipped on the carpet and fell not once, but twice and then ran into the wall I was laughing so hard. I’m so glad she’s my roommate. Really, she always makes me smile.

Friday I didn’t have math (yes!) so Beka and I went geocaching. We biked around for 2 hours and it was super nice out. It was lovely, we found 2 of the 4 geocaches though. It ended on a bad note though: we were at BIL hill and we heard somebody up the hill about 30 yards away from where we were and we;d left our bikes up there so even though we thought it was other Cottey students we ran back up the hill. It wasn’t other Cottey students though. It was some guy and a girl who, we first thought were trying to steal our bikes, but they actually were slashing our tires. They only got to Beka’s bike because we caught them but it’s just so frustrating. Not only were they trespassing on Cottey property, they committed a completely useless crime. There was no motivation behind it, nothing at all. Sometimes I really hate people. Seriously? There is no reason behind their actions. None at all. We filed a report with the police though so hopefully something will come out of that. Probably not though.

On Friday night we all went to Mr. Noble’s (he took Ellen’s mom to church when she went to school here). We got stuck there for a while because it was POURING outside, but we made it back eventually. We watched Facing the Giants which is about football and Christianity. It was a decent movie but I didn’t enjoy it. The Christianity was to the extreme. They prayed before the football games. In a public school. That would never fly in Madison and in my opinion, that never should happen unless it is a Christian high school. There were a lot of other moments and a lot of comments made by some of the people in the audience that just made me wince. I’ll get to that more later though.

Saturday we slept in and we were going to go visit Ellen at work but it was raining so we couldn’t bike. So then I went to work. After that, it was just homework and then Beka and I went with Ellen to her chemistry teacher’s son’s birthday party. He’s two and so adorable. Plus it was really cool to be invited to a professor’s house like that. After that, we had a movie night and watched Thor.

Sunday was again, homework after brunch. I went out and took pictures of all of the beautiful leaves. It’s so pretty here! Then after Beka and I struggled to make cupcakes and ordered pizza, we all watched Captain America. We’re going through all the Marvel movies. There was lots of laughs and a few pillow fighting moments. We ended up locking ourselves out of the kitchen somehow but they got it unstuck today. One of my suitemates who left came back 2 weeks earlier, without any prior announcement that she was returning.

Today we slept some more and then went to lunch. We had an interesting conversation with Ellen at lunch about her and her boyfriend and about baptism. She wants to join the church that she’s attending here and apparently they told her that since she wasn’t fully submerged as a child when she was baptised that she wasn’t really baptised. I just…why do some religions think that everyone else’s way is wrong simply because it’s not their own? All sects of Christianity are basically the same. They all worship the same god and have the same core values so why does one have the right to tell the other that it is less legitimate because it does something differently? That drives me insane–that hypocrisy. I also don’t really understand why it bothered Ellen so much. Like she was really freaking out and I don’t understand why. Who is to tell you that how you were baptised is wrong? Nobody really. It’s a personal thing. Nobody except for you has control of your faith. And if you were raised in a different type of church than the kind that you’re attending right now, why would they expected everything to have been done the same way? It’s a different kind of church but being different doesn’t make it wrong.  It just makes it different.

I don’t know. Religion gives me a headache.

I just got back from a Global Citizens meeting. We made bookmarks to sell at PEO visit day and watched She’s the Man. I love that movie. In the words of Viola, word G’man


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