Today was good. Not only did I write a very good first draft of my pop culture essay for 101 in less than 2 hours (I had to tear down Friends though, which broke my heart.) I also got a lot of other homework done, with still some time to do as I please before bed. This week is going to be stressful but I just keep telling myself that there’s on 16 more days until Thanksgiving break! I’m so excited.

There are more reasons though why today was so good. Today was mainly so good because I spent the vast majority of the day at Dr. Ross’s house (she has 40 cats. I almost died. One was so cute I wanted to take it back to my room and hide it under my desk. Don’t worry–I controlled myself) with Maria and Marina. Marina is a second year from Brazil and of course, Maria is my suitemate from Guatemala. We were there because we were cooking for the Multicultural festival that was today from 4:30-6:30. There was so much good food! When my mouth wasn’t being put through hell by Beka’s beans and the mole, I was in heaven. The Danish applesauce was SO good.

That’s not the point really. The point is that being in Dr. Ross’ kitchen with these two women, who aren’t from America made me realize: at what other school could this happen? At what other school would a professor leave 3 students alone at her house for 4 hours and let them cook? At what other school would I have been in that situation, being the only American in the room? Maybe some other, but not all of the colleges out there and that’s why I love Cottey. Because I get to do things like that. Maria and I ruined our dish somehow. It tasted horrible and we overcooked the noodles, but everyone ate it and now we have a funny story to tell. But neither of us really care–it was about spending time together and tossing Spanish and Portuguese back and forth between each other. I love spending time with Maria because I love the culture that she comes from so incredibly much. It’s so much more open than my own and I miss that. I love hearing a native speaker roll the rs over their tongue. I just love it, and so being able to stand in that kitchen, cutting up chicken that we had just boiled in banana leaves and sing Spanish sonds at the top of my lungs with these 2 women was an amazing feeling, one that I’m very grateful for.

Just as I am grateful for my friends. We went to a concert last night (Stars Go Dim! Check them out) and they sung Lean on Me and so of course we all got up and were dancing around and pushing each other over whenever the chorus came, to signify that we can lean on each other in an over dramatic way. But the truth was there so obviously that I my stomach sunk to my feet. I can lean on these women who will stand next to me during anything. An example of that came much sooner than it needed to when I looked over after the concert and saw Amanda sobbing. I won’t go into details but she had a really rough summer which involved 3 deaths and something the singer said sparked too many memories for the tears not to fall. We all hugged her. She was wrapped in our arms.

Lean on me.

It’s really that simple.

That’s what we’re here for.


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