Obama 2012

I thought as soon as I knew I would be able to concentrate, but I can’t.

I’m so incredibly happy. So incredibly proud.

As soon as I got back from dinner, I watched the numbers come in, posting reacting on Google+. At 9, all of us Kneesters, who were free, got online and video chatted as we watched the numbers roll in. We stayed online until 1 in the morning, when our amazing re-elected president gave a speech that made me cry. On a side note, I am so incredibly thankful for technology. I was worried about having to experience it all, the good or the bad, by myself here with people who I didn’t know that well or didn’t seem to care as as much as I do. But because of technology, it was like I was sitting in my living room watching it with my Kneesters. The only difference I can think of is that if we had actually been physically together, we would all have bruises today from hitting each other so hard out of anticipation.

I’m so proud of my friends and I am so proud of my peers. We played a huge roll in this election. We voted in Wisconsin which helped put Obama over the top when it went blue. Obama won once he had Ohio because he had Wisconsin. He didn’t win Wisconsin by a landslide. It was a swing state. We had no idea which way we were going to go. That was all he needed though. It didn’t hurt that he got Iowa too, which Emily campaigned in. It didn’t hurt that he got California, where Rachael worked for hours and hours canvassing. I will say it again and again: I am so proud of my friends, I am so proud. I am so happy that so many of us exercised our right to vote. I am so happy to be a Wisconsinite. To be a Madisonian. To be Regent, to have helped elected the first openly gay senator to Congress who not only will represent my state but also shares a background with me, who walked across the stage in those same high school colors as I did, less  a year ago.

I know some are not happy. I know some think Obama is the worse thing for this country, and yes, he is not the best in many ways, but he was our better choice and he’s what we got, and I am so thankful for that. So very thankful.

So proud.

So thankful.

It was a night I will never forget.


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