My Loves, My Life

There is nothing in this world that I believe in more than the fellow women in my life.

I believe in my mom. I love Cottey more each and every day because I can picture her here, over 30 years ago. Things were different but these feelings? They have to be somewhere along the same lines as what she felt so many days ago. I believe in my mom because I have watched her care for those that she loves even when they don’t care back. I have seen her give her all and more. I have watched her faith guide her through the struggles of every day. I have seen her determination, her kindness, her capabilities, her compassion, her everything and I hope she has seen her favorite parts of herself reflect back in me.

I believe in my sister. I don’t think that I have ever met someone who has tried harder for the things she desires than my LLP has. I believe in my sister because she is strong, because she keeps going, because she strives for what she wants and because her love is always there.

I believe in Iida because she had the strength to leave her own family to find a new one. I believe in Iida because she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. I believe in Iida because she knows what is important and what is not.

I believe in Piera because she has the biggest heart of anyone that I know. I am not sure I have ever been loved so entirely and without a question by someone who is not a family member before.

I believe in Emmaray, oh how I believe in that woman. She may argue she’s not a woman yet but everyone I believe in is a woman because she has the capability to change lives. I believe in Emmaray for more reasons that I could list on this page. I believe in her because she is strong and she is stubborn. I believe in her because she is a fighter. Because she is passionate and compassionate. Because she cares. Because she is me–the better me.

I believe in all of these woman because they are me.

I believe in Susi.
















Ellen. I believe in Ellen because I have never met someone who loves so openly as she does.

Except for perhaps Zoe, who drowned me in her love when I needed it the most. She is going to change the world. It is a feeling I feel in every inch of every one of my bones.

I believe in Lizzie.

In Katie.

In their mother.

In Rachael. Oh I believe in Rachael so much it makes me want to cry. She knows what she wants. She is headstrong. She cares. She tries. She puts herself out there and lets her heart get broken. She confronts problems more than anyone I have ever met. She wants to change the world and it is because of that willpower that I know she will.

I believe in my aunts.

In my grandma.

In Cassie.

In Samantha.

In Sophie.

In Mira

In Mary Kate.

In Emily. I believe in Emily because she has more than she knows. Because she is dedicated and never gives up on something she said she would start. I believe in Emily because she cares, so greatly, so deeply, so much. So very much. I believe in her because I know she is always there, because I know she would do all I would do for her, in a heartbeat, in flash, in a blink. Because she is my person. Some things are simple. My belief in her is one. It is not a question. It is not a doubt.

I believe in Marla.

In Lisa.

In Jamie.

In Greta.

In Francesca.

In Joelle.

In Diane.

In Laura.

In Mae.

In Beka. I believe in Beka more than she knows.

In Maria.

In so many people.

In Abby. I believe in Abby because she never fails to put others first, before herself. She loves the same way I do: endlessly.

I believe in all of these women because they are beautiful, even when they fail to see it, I know that they are.

This is not to say that I don’t believe in men because I do have great faith in the men in my life, especially my brother, my dad and my grandpa.

But there is something about being a woman that bonds you together like nothing else does, like nothing else can. I believe in these women more than anything. They never fail to inspire me, to motivate me, to catch me when I trip and stumble and fall. I never touch the ground. I don’t think I ever have. I don’t think I ever will. They are there. I watch them all, many who miles away, some just feet. I watch them all and I smile. They are going to change the world and if they don’t, they have changed me. They have changed a life, so very much for the better.

I believe in these women because we are from the same blood, no matter how different we are. We are all women. We are all the same in that way. This is why I feel so strongly for women’s rights because I don’t see them as being rights. They are not something that is in question–they just are. They are women’s belongings. They–we–were born with this. We are the same as men, we are as capable as men, but yes, oh yes, we are different. Because we know we are all connected to each other. We are all very aware of that and if we aren’t, there will be some flash, some moment, some wish on a wind, when the truth will be shown to our eyes.

I would and will fight until the very end for these women.

Because I believe in the strength of their souls, of their arms, of their love.

I believe.


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