This and That

I haven’t written in a while–at least not about my daily life. I’m going to end up doing random bits and pieces but here we go.

This weekend was crazy. Friday night we went to watch Amanda and Jackie in the play. It was super funny and they were both amazing. I worked during the duathlon on Saturday morning and it was CRAZY. It just reminded me why I hate the one guard cover so much. I had two responses (neither of which I had to jump in for) during the one long swimming part of the race and I left the building convinced I never want to lifeguard again but then I realized: it’s the being by myself part that makes me so scared. Nobody is there to back me up or watch the pool while I respond and it’s scary to have to make all the decisions on your own. After getting up at 7:30 to go to work, I tumbled back into bed and then rolled out again at 12. After lunch I worked on this and that until we ended up going for a beautiful fall day bike ride. Ellen went to visit her boyfriend this weekend so it was just the five of us and it was so nice to get away from campus even though it was only for 2 hours. We went to this park by a little lake and biked around for a while. I love biking and I really enjoyed the warmer weather this weekend.

It is now freezing here. Last night, we had a tradition: fcc Days. We had song practice beforehand in the chapel and Beka and I thought we were going to be the only people there for our suite until Kelley and Maria showed up late. We then walked, as a class, the whole mile to B.I.L singing:

We’re marching along

And we’re singing as we go

We’re the freshman class and we want you all to know

We’re the freshman class of Dear Old Cottey C

And we’ll leave our name on Cottey history

It got old very quickly and cold even faster but it was fun to have that sense of unity as we all marched. Much to my surprise, Emily was actually there to meet us and we had a bit of a sing off–second years and then us freshman taking turns singing. We then went inside the lodge to drink hot chocolate that our second years were supposed to bring for us and after entering the building, Beka and I found ourselves very much abandoned by our suite. They just left. Things like that don’t happen on accident. It was not a huge crowd and if they had thought we were right behind them, they would have quickly realized that we weren’t and could have come back for us.

That was the last straw really. So much has been going down and I just can’t live here for another 7 months so Beka and I both agreed that we had thought about it enough: we want to move. We talked to our hall director and we were all set to move our move into motion when we learned today that the room in Illinois Suite (Katie and Amanda’s suite) that we wanted to move into is shut off for some reason. However, someone is moving out of a double room in Minnesota in December and the PEO hall director might make her room the shut one so that we can move into Illinois. We’re just waiting to hear from her if that’s okay and if it is, we’ll move at the end of the semester. If not, maybe we’ll move into Minnesota. If not…then I’m not sure what we’ll do. It’s very stressful to have to deal with but it’s getting impossible to live here.

That said, besides my suite drama, everything is amazing here. We went to Amanda and Ellen’s choir concert tonight. It was amazing. I am truly grateful for my friends. Despite our differences over certain things, they never fail to make me laugh. I’m beyond excited for St. Louis with Ellen and Beka in one week and 3 hours!:)


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