te echo de menos

I just wrote a spanish essay about Iida and how her experience here changed lives and then after that, I made the smart decision of reading back to old tweets from july and june and may and beyond. It was a trip down memory lane that first shot Shorewood memories into my blood and then summer memories and then graduation feelings and then mixed in there, everything else. The flashes of time, the heartbeats. I miss my people. The people I miss, I miss a lot. I know I write about this all the time, more than anything else, but it is because there is little I hate more than missing the people who are who I am. 3 weeks seems much too long. I am not sure I am going to be able to make it. I remember the strangest moments at the most random of times. I remember camping, Joelle’s party, so much more. There is so much that has been branded onto the surface of my brain and the depths of my heart. Thunder claps, my heart dances. The storm sings all the lost ones home. Sometimes, i hate the ocean. it’s keeping me away from you. Nothing can stop time, but then again, nothing can stop my love either.


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