i just wanted to write for a second about personality and how I think that part of psych is so incredibly interesting. this topic came back up into my mind today because Emily posted a video talking about points made in the book Quiet, which I started when I got here before the homework drowned me. It will be picked up again over winter break and I’ve super excited for that but until then I just wanted to talk about how true Meyers Briggs tests are and well, just about personality in general.

Like a lot of other introverts, I can pull a pretty good extrovert. Some people are shocked when I say that I’m introverted but those are normally the people who don’t know me every well because the people who do, know that I hate small talk more than anything but will launch into a deep intellectual conversation/argument in a heartbeat. My friends know that as much as I love dances and being out, if we’re in a crowded place I can’t take it forever and when we leave I will be drained, not hyper and excited. I could go on forever in my small groups of friends that I trust but in large crowds? I hate it if it’s forced to go on past a certain time. I have so many examples that flash into my mind, the first being AMIGOS briefing. I was convinced I needed to go home simply because I wasn’t connecting with everyone else but I realized later that was me being me. I don’t do huge groups of strangers. That’s why coming to college was so impossible and that’s why I’ve been accused of being in a clique more times that I can count. I’m not exclusive, I just like to find my group and stick with my group. I am an introvert. I live inside my head. I am a thinker. I need and have my people and I don’t see any point to small talk after my people have been found.

But even more than just being an introvert, being an INFJ–I remember when I read that result in Psych last year. My mind was blown. every word I read was true. “INFJs place great importance on havingĀ things orderly and systematic in their outer world.” Anyone who knows me knows that I make countless lists and can’t stand when things are unorganized. But even more so: “They know things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. They are usually right, and they usually know it.” It happens all the time. Just to talk about a few examples recently, my friend Ellen told us we had to be at lunch Friday at 12:30 a few weeks ago and she wouldn’t say why and right away I knew what was going on–a flash mob. Katie will act slightly off at lunch and I know something is wrong. Ellen was upset at lunch one day last week and all she did was say less than normal and I knew that something was wrong. Nobody else at the table seemed to pick up on it but I get things like that. I see things like that. I can spend less than a minute with someone and know if something is wrong or something is really good and Ellen always freaks out because she doesn’t understand how I just know. And I don’t really either but I just do–I read people. I understand people. It’s why I’m so good at predicting movies and putting together conversations in languages I only half speak–because I read the people.

Some things are so incredibly fascinating.


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