I was just flipping through my British Women Writers notes, searching for ideas for my final (!!!) paper and I saw a quote that my professor spoke of during a class discussion one day. It was a quote that caused me to pause in my actions and my heart to fall, skipping a beat before it raced faster than it was moving before, pulsing my blood through my veins. “One is not born a women, she becomes one.”

My blood started moving faster because as the words sunk into my eardrums, I realized how incredibly true that is. Some people say that you become a woman when you get your first period, others when you have sex for the first time, but I think it is so much more than that. It is when you begin to care more about others than yourself, when your heart first breaks, when you have to work to be happy, when you realize that your parents aren’t perfect but simply human, that everyone isn’t perfect, that we are all the same. To me, it is more feelings that connect me to the idea of womanhood and being a woman because it is those feelings that connect me to my fellow human beings. You become a woman when your heart reaches out and ties itself not to man’s, but to another woman’s because when you have compassion for another woman and you understand the things she is going through simply because you are both women, that is when you have entered the circle, the circle that extends all around the world, of one woman grasping onto the hand of another.


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