this weekend was amazing.

Friday night was the Hanging of the Greens chapel service–Ellen and Amanda sung and Katie read a verse so Jackie, Beka and I went to support. Beka and I started laughing in the middle of it and couldn’t stop for the rest. It was just one of those moment in which everything was hysterical and there wasn’t really a reason why. Then we were taking pictures and such before going to hang the wreaths (I made on on Tuesday with FMF) and caroling and to the President’s house, but Beka lost her keys and our only way back into our room since my keys were in the room. So there was freakout about that until she found them in the most obvious space. Then we went caroling around campus and hung up all the wreaths that the different organizations had made. We ended up at the President’s house and had cider and hot cocoa and cookies! Jackie, Katie, Beka, Callie, Lindsay and I ended up being the last ones there, because we caught up talking and then Lindsay was playing with one of the faculty member’s grandsons. We walked back and ended up in front of Main Hall taking pictures for a good 45 minutes because we started out taking pictures with our fcc and CSC wreaths and then it merged into a photo op. After that, all of us except Jackie and Callie went to PEO Hall and played Life in Lindsay’s suite. We then ended up decorating Katie’s door for her birthday.

Saturday was sleeping and then hanging out until Beka and I went over for Katie to do ours and Amanda’s make up. Then we went back to our suite and finished getting ready for Hanging of the Greens dinner. The food was eh but it was fun to get all dressed up and spend some time with our suite. It was mostly just awkward but we made it through and then we all hung out until the dance started at 9. After the dance, we went to Alex’s hotel since male visitation hours were over and we wanted to watch a movie for Katie’s birthday.

Beka and I ended up staying up later when we got back talking. It is the simple things like that, like conversations in the night and dressing up with friends, that I love.


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