all my love

I have to take a moment to write about all of this. About the shooting in Oregon at the shopping mall, about how my heart broke when I heard about the shooting at the temple in Wisconsin, about the Dark Knight shooting but mostly, mainly about the shooting yesterday, in Newtown, CT. Those children didn’t deserve to die, neither did those adults. Their loved ones do not deserve this pain. Nobody does. Everyone’s life is valued. Everyone’s life is a gift. Nobody deserves to be killed but even more so, nobody deserves to be killed the way that all of the victims of these shootings have been.

To quote one of the teachers from Newtown, as she told her students as they hid in the bathroom attached to their classroom: if you believe in a higher power, please pray. If not, please think happy thoughts. The world needs them. We all need them. And if you are reading this, please know that I love you. You mean the world to me and to many people. You are loved, you are surrounded, you will do great things and I want nothing less in this world than the day that we will be parted. Selfishly, it is the thing that I fear the most. But every day until then, I will love you to my fullest because you have changed me, because you are part of my heart in a way that nobody else is.


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