sitting here right now is the strangest mixture of feelings in the world. part of me can’t believe that the semester is over–i mean I just walked up these stairs for the first time, didn’t I? Just had miles upon miles of awkward conversation? It was just too hot to breathe, was it not? And now, it’s all over. I am officially 100% a college student–I’ve survived a semester of ups and downs and now I really, truly am a Cottey woman. I can’t believe it though. I can’t believe that it’s over. Time goes so fast but yet so slow.

I am ready to go home but I am not and I know that it is going to be that way throughout all of break. Ellen left and I miss her already. I don’t want to be away from Beka for 3 weeks. The longest we’ve spent away from each other in 4 months is 3 hours. 3 weeks seems like a long time.

I left behind a life when I got into the car in August. I’m going back to a life when I get on the plane tomorrow and I’m leaving one behind again. This is going to be wonderful and amazing and horrible and strange.


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