winter break thus far

this blog was created to capture the moments and i haven’t really been doing much moment sharing lately so i thought i would talk about break since i got home from GJ2s.

the day after i got home, almost a week ago, Emmaray came over and we decided to go thrifting. after picking up Sarah, we drove to Savers. Sophie and Susi met us there and we found some good things–I got a sweater! Sophie tried on a ridiculous dress just for kicks and we wander around the dishes section planning for me and Erms’ Puerto Rican bed and breakfast. Susi had to drag us away for it all before we bought half the dishes in the store. Sarah, Erm, Sophie and I ended up at Erma’s house where we made food and talked before watching Once Upon A Time. Sophie left and the Once Upon A Time marathon continued until we ate diner with Erma’s parents. After one more episode, Erma drove us home.

The next day was Thursday and after driving Mom to work, I picked up Emily and we began the very long process of figuring out our Europe flights with STA, a student travel agency downtown. Over the course of the next 24 hours, we spent a great deal of time texting, Skyping and on the phone figuring out Europe and a great deal of time sitting across the desk from our new BFF/travel agent. That night my family spent just as much time figuring out the UK part of our trip. Em and I went to STA again the next day and finalized everything. When we walked out of the building and into the cold night, we both looked at each other and squealed/freaked out. It’s finally real. We’re going to Europe!! It still doesn’t seem possible but I am beyond excited. We’re going to be in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Ireland, England and Scotland. I’m excited for every little thing–for the sights, to hear the languages I don’t understand, to be on the airplane, the food, but mostly to see the people I love and meet so many more.

On Friday before our return trip to STA, Mom, Will and I met up with friends from church and went sledding and then Abs and I had lunch at Noodles and Co and went….thrifting. And I bought a….sweater. It’s an addiction I cant seem to control. It was really nice to spend time with Abs though.

Saturday, I went to Erma’s again and we watched Once Upon A Time. I went home that night to finish the current episodes and Sunday, after a family brunch, hanging out with Samantha and talking and eating fro-yo (!) at a new fro-yo store (!!!!) and helping to take down the Christmas tree and decorations, I watched the newest OUAT episode live. I love my TV shows:)

Yesterday I spent all day with Katie and Abby. We went to Pope Farm and took pictures, watched Friends and Pitch Perfect, ate and laughed and talked and laughed some more.

Today Mom and I went skating and I just got back from lunch with Mira and Sophie–we went to the restaurant because 10% of the funds today go to AMIGOS as a fundraiser. In a few minutes, Mom and I are going to Les Mis!

It has been an amazing week and I am so excited for all the other plans I have this week and to spend more time with my family and friends. It has been good to be with everyone and to know that despite the distance and time we have spent apart, things are mostly the same. Or at least, the most important thing is the same–the fact that we love each other and care about each others lives.

Here’s to what’s to come.


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