There are 48 hours until I will be on the bus back to Cottey. It’s strange to think that 3 weeks and 1 day ago I pulled out of the chapel drive and looked back at my hall and dorm room for what felt like would be the last time ever. Over the next few days, I struggled with the feeling that college was just a dream and now I am in that spot, where the struggle is which place is my home, which place I belong. Except the thing is I know that both Cottey and Madison are my homes because I am loved in both places, I grow in both places, I hurt and cry and laugh and live in both places. Home is where the people you love are and it is impossible to leave them–I just said until later to Katie, Abs and Rob until March and my heart crumbled a bit–but I know now for sure what I thought I knew before–love conquers distance. Love conquers time. Love is what makes this lonely place a beautiful one.


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