just some quick news and points here and there! it rained all day today–when beka and I went to breakfast it wasn’t raining though, so I walked out of my art appreciation class to a big surprise. I walked outside and stood under the alcove for a while, before throwing my shoes into my backpack and running through the rain back to Reeves. It was one of those moments that I was very grateful for attending a small school. Another plus side–I got to wear my rainboots!

I spend most of the day doing tasks and homework. I walked around in the rain from building to building to get all the papers filled out for one of the scholarships I’m applying for. After going to Women’s studies, we went to dinner and then Ellen, Jackie, Beka and I went swimming. I’m trying to work out more this semester than I did last semester and Tuesdays and Thursdays are my swimming days. It was really nice to be in the water and to spend time with my friends outside of the dinning hall. We rushed out after 45 minutes though and a sing along in the showers because Beka and I were going to the professional dance performance that was happening in PAC. The dancers were so good! I wish I could move like that and for that long. At the end, they came down into the audience and dragged people up on stage to dance. Katie, Amanda, Harriet and I went up and it was really fun.

In the midst of finalizing my english essay, Beka told me that someone had posted on facebook about Golden Key (the student ambassadors/hosters of prospective students. My interview was last week). So I raced down to my mailbox, heart pounding, opened it and then opened the letter and….YAY! I got accepted! I’m so excited. It has been something that I wanted to do ever since my Golden Key hosted me almost a year ago. I’m nervous but super excited!

So over all today has been a good day:)


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