i thought i would write about these last few days. I don’t remember if anything happened on Wednesday so I suppose that it must have not been very important. On Thursday, I had a global citizens meeting and then we went to see an acapella group that was visiting. They were good and Ellen got picked to go up on stage and singing! Friday I had a Spanish test and then after modern dance, spent the afternoon watching TV until we went to dinner and then went swimming. After swimming, we went to Katie and Amanda’s room and watched Sleepover.

Saturday I slept late and then went to our second service learning for Women’s Studies. It was super fun. There were a lot more people there and I sat with 3 residents this time instead of just 1 like last time. The women were hysterical together!! They were making so many jokes and acting totally crazy–it was awesome. I’m really excited for the rest of our service learning. After I got back, I hung out in my room doing this and that until I met up with everyone for dinner. Then we watched movies:)

Today I had work and then I skyped withAbs/Rob/Katie/Zo for a while and then I called Mom and talked to her about this and that. After that I did homework until we all went to dinner at a mexican restaurant downtown.

I know I’m not giving many details but I just wanted to write a few things down before I dive into studying for Psych. All is good and all was well.

oh–this is my 100th post!! thats hard to believe. thanks to everyone who has stayed with me through this journey via reading my blog or via any other way:) love!


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