tv bffs

I am fully aware that my relationship with television shows is not normal (although I don’t think that there is such a thing as normal). I am obsessive. Addicted, crazed. My tv shows are my fetishes. I am a tv enthusiast. You know what? You can phrase it in any way that you want to, positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. The basic point is that how I feel about tv shows is not how most people feel about them and some people find it crazy and a waste of time, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Let me explain: to me, tv is more than tv. it’s about the characters. I watch these other lives and there is always something about them that I wish was part of my life and it is over those things, that I connect with the characters. Sometimes it is that I wish I lived in New York City (Friends) or that I lived in sunny and hot Alabama (Hart of Dixie). I wish that I had roommates like on New Girl, I wish I was a doctor (Grey’s Anatomy) and sometime I even wish that I had crashed onto the island while on Flight 815 and was fighting against the Others.

Why do I wish things that aren’t my life? Why am I not happy with my own life? It’s not that. Part of it is that tv is a way to escape the harsh reality of your own life but the other part of it is that there is always something more. There shouldn’t be. I love my life, I am happy with it and I do not wish to be anywhere else than here except for….well, when I do. I worry about what is to come. I worry about how my life will shape out. I want the things I see on tv–not now, but in the future. The happy endings. I mean, we all want happy endings. We all want the adventures, the ups and the downs, the things, the feelings that remind us that we are really alive. We all want those, all of it and since who knows when my happy ending will come, if at all, tv is all I have to maintain the hope for them.

Do I sound even more crazy now? Probably. But I’m not. I just connect with people on an intense level and even more so, when those people aren’t real. It’s like having relationships that you don’t have to work on. They come for free. And all of my tv friends always get what they want, no matter what. You watch the characters struggle and strive and it makes you feel good because they’re your friends and if they can do it, then so can you.

People don’t have to be flesh and blood to give you hope.


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