dancing queen

this past week was crazy. i had two tests and a quiz and lots of other this and that. on Thursday, I had the President’s List lunch and there was a lot of late night conversations with Beka. Early in the week, we decided that we would participate in the lip sync contest that took place yesterday. So starting Wednesday, we spent a good hour and a half the next two nights in the dance studios figuring out our dance to Dancing Queen by Abba. It was so much fun just to put the dance together! Yesterday, after Mexican buffet night and drinking more jarritos than I should have, we rushed to Walmart to look for crowns and then we were in the car we realized that we had forgotten to buy the one thing that we were really there for: cds. So Ellen had to run back inside and then once we got back to campus, we all had to run and change and then run to Ellen and Jackie’s to practice once more before the show. The show in and of itself was hysterical. All the groups were so funny and really good! And the crowd was amazing–everyone was so supportive, no matter what was happening on stage.

Our performance was not as we practiced but it was amazing none the least and so much fun to do! We spent a vast majority of the rest of the night laughing at ourselves. We ended up winning Cottey’s best dance crew which was really fun! We watched Pitch Perfect at Katie and Amanda’s afterwards. It was a perfect way to end a night full of memories:)


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