So this week has been crazy insane and overwhelming. I had my first Golden Key training on Monday for 3 hours. On Tuesday I attempted to give blood but my heart rate was too fast and I couldn’t calm down/get it to slow down so I couldn’t donate. So after a hurried dinner, I went over to the PTK meeting with Harriet. Then I had Vagina Monologues practice. On Wednesday I went to the CWL in the morning in between classes to pick out an outfit from the professional clothes closet there that Pricsilla is putting a fashion show on with as a way of advertising the service that the closet provides. I had work, which involved me struggling and failing to get the lanelines out. Yesterday Ellen drove me to get my allergy shot so that I would be able to get back in time of baked potato  soup at lunch. I also had Vagina Monologue practice again and then we had a “hall meeting” which turned out to be the seniors dressed up as guys, singing to us and giving us roses for Valentine’s day. The 6 of us also had our own little Valentine’s Day celebration since Jackie got us all gifts. Jackie as Mr. Darcy proposed to me for the second time with a bunch of fake roses and I, as Elizabeth, said yes (long story–an inside joke that started with me and Jackie in Aquacises last semester) so that was hysterical. And then I had a whole essay to write last night that was due today at noon. On top of all that, I have had a ton of homework and I had to lifegaurd for the Lifeguard class on both Tuesday and Thursday this week (yay money!) so everything has basically been insane but fun! The Vagina Monologues are tomorrow. I’m excited for them. Jackie, Beka, Ellen and I are going to see Ellen’s friend at her school tonight so that’ll be a nice break from everything:)

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