i woke up today at 6:45 when my phone started blaring music. confused, i groped for it as I realized that the wrong song was playing for it to be my alarm and that Beka’s phone was ringing as well. No recognizing the number, I quickly hit ignore and asked Beka if she had gotten a call from a 417 number too. She said yeah and that’s when I realized that I probably should have picked up that phone call. After quickly dialing voicemail, I found out that classes had been canceled–snow day! I looked outside the window, wondering how much snow we had gotten….I could still see the grass through it all. And thus begin my “snow” day.

After struggling to return to bed since the ice rain was throwing itself against our windows and the snow plows were make their lovely noises on the highway outside our window, I slept until 10:40 when I woke up to finish my Women’s Studies research paper proposal that was due at noon. The rest of the day contained me watching tv, homework, hanging out with Ellen and Jackie and Beka and of course…playing in the “snow”. All of the ladies here who hadn’t seen snow or hadn’t seen that much snow before (Beka included) were sledding down a mini hill on a broken sled and cardboard boxes. It was funny to watch their reactions. They were all so excited. I for one, being the Wisconsinite that I am, was not impressed by any of this ice-snow but yay class free day!

Seeing the pure white plain in front of me though as I walked across campus and feeling the familiar too cold body only to be warmed up by going back inside feeling just made me realize that I have somewhat missed not having a winter this year. The snow when it’s falling calms me in a way. It’s peaceful. It makes me feel at home.


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