it was sleeting when beka and i walked back from lunch. when i walked to dance, it was somewhat snowing, somewhat hailing, somewhat sleeting. when i got out of dance? snow. big, wet snowflakes. i texted beka. we agreed to meet up after out english classes at 5:15. my english class was cancelled. beka’s psych class was canceled. so what came next? snowpeople. beka was freaking out as she ran into the room and we pulled on our snow clothes and rushed outside. after taking a few pictures, we stared to make beka’s first ever snow man! as i pushed the ball of snow through the grass, picking up almost as much leaves and grass as I was snow, I realized I hadn’t made a snowman in a long time. we ended up making two (one that is Beka and one that’s me), plus a snowcat and Amanda joined us. we made snow angels too and had a snowball fight. it’s so awesome how everyone on campus freaks out when it starts to snow (and this is the biggest snow that we’ve had) and rushes outside to take pictures and make forts and snowmen. i love the Cottey environment and right now, i couldn’t feel more peaceful. the actual snow falling (unlike the stuff that caused the last snow day) makes me feel at home and smile. snow day tomorrow!?!


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