the words

words can choke you. they can make it impossible to swallow. they can fill up your throat, your airway so that nothing passes except for them. you struggle to inhale and nothing comes inside your soul except for them and since the words are in your stomach now, they’re everywhere. they pump your blood. they make your heart beat. they everything. words beat behind my heart. they are what keeps it–me– alive. they are my everything, my bread and my water. nothing makes me feel more whole than a book, nothing comforts me more than a song. both can take me anywhere and everywhere in the blind of an eye. i can twist the words to heal and to harm. people laugh when they hear me say that but they’re simply being foolish. they have never been wrapped by the words or drowned by them. words can do both you know. words can do everything. i love the words. oh yes, sometimes i hate them. who could not? but most of the time, always really–i love them. they keep me afloat. as they block the air and fight for my life, they keep me alive. the words. i owe them everything. we all do.


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