spring break

saturday the 9th–spent the whole day getting home. got up at 4:50 to eat breakfast, got on the shuttle at 5:40 that didn’t leave until 6:10 because that one person was late. threw up 10+ times on my way to the airport, waited for my flight, flight got delayed, got to milwaukee and luggage didn’t come fast enough for me to get the 3pm bus to madison so i got to wait for the 5:30 one, got home around 8pm.

sunday–slept and…??? it was so long ago!

monday–had lunch with katie and talked and talked and talked about nothing and everything. watched friends and then drove her mom to the airport. had dinner at home and then went to visit marla and kelly and had a super nice conversation about everything with them

tuesday–tortured by the dentist and hung out with mom. we went to EVP coffee and drove by Grandma and Grandpa’s new house

wednesday–overslept and went to see elyse 4 hours later than i planned. the drive was the longest that i had driven by myself before and i actually really liked it! we went to the RUB craft expo together and i made 3 free crafts, one of which i kept for myself and the other 2 which i made for people i love:)

thursday–slept while elyse went to student teaching and class, then we went shopping–first to good will and then to Target (my love!). i got 2 items thrifting and some needed things with at Target. i read while she studied for her test the next day and then we had dinner and watch a mary kate and ashley movie since the DVD player wasn’t working. elyse and i chatted and discussed the major things and the litte things<3

friday–i woke up to snow and so i hurried to pack and left elyse, wishing her a good viaje to Guatemala. i drove home, halfway through the slush and halfway not. the rest of the day was spent with the family.

saturday–the rays came to visit, we ate and talked and laughed and went to the friends of the library book sale and i bought 2 books and 2 movies. at some point mom, dad and i went to the cheap movies. i think it was saturday but i honestly dont remember which is sad but hey.

sunday–the 17th! st pattys day! i went to church in the morning and saw a few people, which was nice. i then hung out at home until 2ish when emmaray came to get me!! we hung out for a while before going thrifting (WE FOUND OVERALLS) and then we went to mary kate’s dorm and celebrated st pattys, kneester style.

monday the 18th–erma and i watched Once Upon A Time and hung out

tuesday–mom and i went thrifting! and to the food bank and then hung out

wednesday–dig and save adventure with some of the kneesters! and then we went to erma’s and hung out while she washed our clothes for us and maria and i freaked out over lice:)

thursday–ABBY. i spent 2 hours with Abby at Edgewood during which we skyped Zoe and had lunch with her friend Desi and discussed everything from TV shows to life:) then i went to the doctor  (sinus infection whoop!) and then drove William around to this and that and then William and I had the house to ourselves since Mom and Dad were out of town so we got Noodles and Co and watched Advengers!

friday/today–Will and I watched Friends, I ended up at Maria’s house, crafting with Erma and Maria and then Sarah and Susi. I got a haircut. I did my wash. I packed. I had dinner with the fam and then we all watched a movie and celebrated William’s half birthday.

Sorry this is somewhat rushed–I just wanted to get the jists of these two weeks down because it is impossible to believe that tomorrow I am going back to Cottey. I miss my life there and my people there but I already miss the people that I’ve had to say until later to here. Its only 8 weeks until I’ll be home again but I know that those 8 weeks are going to go fast but yet slow and go up and down and all around. And besides, 8 weeks? That’s scary in and of itself. Stress and a lot of hard work awaits me in Missouri but so do so many memories that are waiting to be formed. Being at this home of mine for 2 weeks has been amazing and so has every day that I’ve been able to spend here. I saw almost everyone that I care about these past 2 weeks, even if it was only for 2 hours and being with the people that you love–well, it just reminds you how loved you and and it’s hard not to be happy surrounded by love. so many important and not important words have been spoken during these past 2 weeks. i had so many conversations that i’ve waited a long time to have and i didn’t have others that I wanted to but at the same time, i have had so many conversations these past 2 weeks that i never thought i would but that have connected me to people that I already cared about even more. these past 2 weeks have been perfect. thank you all, for everything:)


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