before i left for dance class, i was standing in the bathroom bushing my teeth and i decided that after dance class, i was going to sit down at this computer and write about how incredibly horrible and mentally/physically/emotionally draining living in an environment that is basically one big hole of hatred and annoyance is but after going to dance–and i guess maybe this is the endorphins talking–and running back to my room through the pouring rain, and seeing Ab’s post about National Siblings Day, I realized that there is so much more to life than the hate. Of course, I always know that but sometimes it is something that is incredibly hard to remember, especially when you’re under so much stress. but sometimes I just need to take a step back from my Cottey bubble and remember that there are so many people here and other places that care about me. And that is enough. Today that is enough. Tomorrow it is enough. It is always enough. Thank you to you all, for changing me, for shaping me, for loving me. Fairfarren and always remember to breathe ❤


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