nothing tops cottey c

people don’t understand. well i mean, of course they don’t because they arent part of it but even so, it becomes impossible sometimes because people simply do not understand. understand what you ask. that cottey is the best. people do not understand that cottey is the best place on earth. sometimes i am ashamed of it–well not anymore, not now because i know this love that is cottey but i used to refrain from telling people that its a women’s college because i got so much hate, even from my friends, about it. i can’t count on both hands the number of times that i lied about cottey’s size and i can not count on all my fingers and toes the number of times that people made me feel like cottey was not enough. well those people don’t know. i mean, you can’t know unless you take a risk and open your heart to that hate, only so that it can be healed by this love. no matter where we are, no matter how horrible whatever the person is doing on that stage, cottey women cheer for each other, for trying, for struggling, for growing. no matter what. we cry together, openly and frequently. we are not ashamed. we fight. we snarl. we laugh. we cheer. we know that we are sisters when it comes down to it and of course nothing is perfect but at what other college do seniors but on burlesque shows from their freshmen? nowhere. cottey is the best place in the world and one of the best choices i ever made, closely tied with letting Iida into our family and Panama. I know that wherever i go, i will treasure this year and next year in my heart. i have made some of the best friends i have here and i have felt so many feelings i didnt know existed. Cottey is not perfect. sometimes i hate that there are no boys, i always hate its location but tonight? tonight as i dressed up as Cinderella with a suite that isn’t even my own and watching craziness unfold on the stage in the cafeteria where i eat every day, i felt that Cottey love.  


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