c for yourself

at noon today i finished my first hosting as a Golden Key. these past 3 days have been insane and so much fun and crazy and well, awesome. on Friday, we had Pinning and I officially became a Golden Key. Pinning was different this year and instead of being more formal and in the Missouri recital hall, we did it at the CWL and each senior picked a freshman to pin. Kecia (the FMF president) pinned me. My prospective arrive late since the airport shuttle was late and then their flight was delayed or something (i never actually asked why) so they got a ride back with Helen Lodge. Her mom and her arrive during dinner. She’s already coming to Cottey next year, that is, she has already decided and she’s is thinking of maybe living with us and the weekend was long with a lot of running around but it was worth it. and thats what i want to write about.

this weekend was something that i was really nervous for, more nervous than i ever let myself realize but now that it’s done, i’m so proud of myself for doing it and for how good of a time my prospective and her mom had because of me. I couldn’t have done it without my friends who hung out with us and ate with us, but a lot of it was me and it was so awkward at times but over all, they both said that it was an amazing weekend and i feel strangely proud of that. it makes me feel like nothing is impossible, which i suppose it isnt.


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