the list

i was sitting at the doctor yesterday midmorning waiting to get my allergy shot. it was a cold, rainy tuesday. ellen, being the wonderful person that she is, drove me there so that i wouldnt have to bike in the rain and as I sat there I realized something–even though I am basically the same, i have changed a lot this year and more than that, I have learned a great deal about myself this year. i’m going to make a list:

  • 1) ironically, against the normal story of attending a women’s college, i now wear make up more often than i used to
  • 2) I like country music. and not ironically. i actually enjoy it. i used to be ashamed of that too since a lot of my friends at home hate on country music a lot but i really enjoy it.
  • 3) i miss living in the South. I don’t really consider living in Nevada, MO the true South of the USA but I really want to return to the true South–to Tennessee or Texas or Alabama or anywhere really (in a big city!!!) where I can reconnect with where I came from. It’s something that I forget a lot–that I am from Wisconsin but I am not from Wisconsin. I was not born there. It is not 100% who I am and I want to learn about where I and my dad’s half of the family comes from
  • 4) I am a city girl. Period. End of story.
  • 5) Political views are very important sometimes but they are not always the defining factor
  • 6) Nobody can tell you who or what religion is to you but that also means that you can’t tell anybody else who or what religion should be to them
  • 7) I can back up my opinions with justified reasons
  • 8) Life hurts
  • 9) I can survive awkward situations, like traveling to California with your professor and Thanksgiving with your new best friend’s family
  • 10) People will judge even when they have no right to do so
  • 11) The first step is the hardest
  • 12) Nothing stays the same. Nothing at all–friends will drift away, family will change.
  • 13) You can’t stop people from growing older not matter how many times you wish on your eye lash for that to be true
  • 14) My family and my friends who are my family are the most important thing in my life
  • 15) After a certain time, the best thing to do is really to just go to bed
  • 16) Sometimes you can’t help someone and more often than not, that is what the most painful thing is–letting them go because it what they need
  • 17) Professors don’t know everything and it is okay to question them
  • 18) I really don’t like any other kind of milk except skim
  • 19) Dairy outside of the tri-state area of Wisconsin taste horrid.
  • 20) Not everyone understands Friends references
  • 21) Maybe I should be an English major…
  • 22) Or a lawyer…
  • 23) Or maybe I want to major in Women’s Studies?
  • 24) Deciding is impossible
  • 25) Except I want a minor in Spanish
  • 26) Being flexible is vital to survival
  • 27) I can dance!
  • 28) But I cannot shake my butt
  • 29) Non-northers are completely incapable of surviving in snow
  • 30) Coming to Cottey was one of the most important and amazing decisions that I ever made



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