this weekend has been crazy and insane–in both good and bad ways. friday night i ran around like crazy, first going to Katie’s golden key desk hour for her and then going to dinner and chugging as many jarritos as possible before the Informal Dance Concert. We had a practice run through of it first and then the real performance. Everything went well–nothing special and I’m glad that dance is almost over now (just class tomorrow and that’s it) but it’s also insane that I won’t laugh over missteps anymore with that group of amazing women. This is a strange time of year with so many happy feelings but yet so many sad. I spent the rest of the night having some me time in the room, hanging out with my best friends on HIMYM.

Saturday we got up at 6:50am and drove to Bella Vista, Arkansas where we had breakfast with Katie’s aunt and uncle before spending 4 and 1/2 hours at Crystal Bridges Art Museum. We saw the Norman Rockwell exhibit–it was amazing! I love being in civilization and road tripping with my friends. After getting back, we went to Dakaboom–a comedy musical group that was here at Cottey. Then Beka and I hung out with Jackie, watching movies, eating pizza and talking. Today was work, homework, PTK, dinner with Jackie and Beka and then the FMF bra burning, which was really fun.

Overall, I feel blah. Like I said before within a 20 minute span I can go from i can’t wait to be out of here to I never want to leave. it’s exhausting.


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