what do you see when you close your eyes? what do you see when you sink into a chair and sigh and let it all go? what do you see? rainbows? the ocean? your loved ones? what do you see? rain falling onto a field of daisies? the sun pelting down onto green grass? your best friend laughing? your parents smiling down at you? your grandparents? what do you see? do you see what you want? or what you had? do you see what you desire or what you let go? what you let slip through your fingers? or what you fought for? what you died for or what you would die for? i believe that in the night your heart is the most real. when you are alone or with the people that you feel the most comfortable with and the room is silent and the lights are small and little and barely lights at all, i believe that that is when it all comes to pass. when you feel feelings the most. when you are the most alone and the most surrounded. night brings so much with it. how can you let go? how can you move on? but how can you not? you have nothing else left to do, do you? no, i didn’t think so. fairfarren.


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