hi. summer thus far?

well i suppose i should write about Cottey graduation first. Mom and Elyse got there on Friday and we all went to the Writing Awards ceremony together. I was a finalist but I didn’t end up winning anything, which was fine by me because that meant that i didnt have to read anything in front of everyone! Then we spent the rest of the day packing books up for the PTK Better World Books Drive and dragging the books ALL over campus and digging through trunk bins. Then there was Yellow and White dinner at which I served and then the chapel service and then Beka, Katie, Amanda, Elyse and I all went to Sonic. Saturday was the Honors and Awards ceremony and then we walked to BIL and hung out at the hotel before going to Delway for dinner and then to capping. Sunday was, of course, graduation. Tears and songs. Hugs and until laters. I cannot explain the feelings that I felt. That I feel whenever I stop for a moment and thing about it. My heart aches. I miss Cottey. I miss my Cottey sisters. I miss it all and I hate knowing that the Cottey I go back to will not be the Cottey I left since it will be missing so many people.

We drove home. Monday Beka and I went to Watertown with Emily and Mary Kate and Emmaray after watching Star Trek at Emily’s. We saw Star Trek 2 there and then step the night at Emily’s house–and locked ourselves out! Haha. Tuesday was spent hanging out at home with the family and meeting up with Katie for fro-yo and talking. Wednesday, Elyse and Beka and I went thrifting. Today, Emily, Beka and I went to Fine Arts Week at West, which was SO strange. I’m so glad that that is not my life anymore, as much as I loved it there and being a second ¬†semester senior. Then we went to the UW Dairy to see the cows!!!! And get ice cream.

The weekend will be busy with Diane’s graduation. I am so excited and happy and blessed to be surround by the people I love.


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