I feel the need to write something, anything, everything, positive because I have been having the strangest time adjusting to being back at Cottey. We could spend a few moment and write about why that is but I already know–it’s all that I’ve thought of the last few days. Things are different. Our seniors are not here and so now we are the role models (which is not a bad thing), I am in a new suite that I love but that is an adjustment to be a part of, Beka is playing volleyball, Jackie is not here, it’s so hot which makes everything harder, my classes are hard, work is long. This summer. Maybe if I had to pin point one reason why this has been so hard I would look back at all that I saw, all the food I ate, all the adventures I had and label that as the reason. But I won’t. I’ve laid it out. I would like to move on.

So I am making a different list. I am happy for my suite. They are all wonderful people. I am happy to be making new friends, with my freshman, with others. I am excited for traditions to start in less than a week. I love the sun. Two nights of grasshopper ice cream pie could not make anything horrible. I love Gilmore Girls. I like the arrangement of my room. I am thankful for the music, for photos, for the internet, for books, for my clothes, all the basic things. For the farmers market this past weekend. All of my classes (except bio) are interesting. I am busy, which is good. I live in a beautiful place, with people who simply want me to be the best me I can be.

I am thankful for my friends who are not here as well, who are not swamped down by living in the wonderful Cottey bubble and can help lift my head above the water when I need them too. I am grateful to laugh. To smile. To dance.

Happiness is a choice. That is something my mom always made a point to tell me. So let’s be happy.


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