flash mob

ever since I got back to Cottey a little over a month ago, I have been working with my fellow second year LEO students/committee members on our Peace Begins With Me workshops, which included a flash mob. And I can’t lie: I feel so much less stressed now that it’s over, now that it all went so smoothly and wonderfully. Let me start at the beginning.

We had a handful of lunchtime meetings, but the real deal started last Wednesday when we did a “practice” workshop with a local youth group. We were able to see how we needed to change things in order for everything to run more smoothly on Saturday. The workshop itself consisted of an icebreaker (my job), making peace banners, doing a peace web, meditation, the flash mob, and random acts of kindness. The one on Wednesday ran too long and so we were able to fix that for Saturday. Besides going over our time limit, the Wednesday night workshop was amazing and I left excited for Saturday.

But first we had Friday, which consisted of the Peace Pole ceremony and the “practice” flash mob at the end. It all went well and so Saturday, we got up at 6:15 and headed to Kansas City. The workshop, again, went really well and we had a great turn out of both local youth partners and Cottey students. Afterwards, we went to the UnPlaza At fair, which was really fun. But that’s not what I want to write about.

I want to write about how the flash mob was amazing. I think it’s addicting. I just want to do another one. The acting like you have no idea what’s going on when the music starts and then casually making your way over and joining in and then walking away like nothing happened–it makes you feel so included, like part of a community, bonded. I loved it. I just–I love that feeling and Cottey gives me that feeling so often.


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