for the end of tighly

normally I write for myself. this time is different. these words i wrote for emily, to capture a feeling that strings us together, to make her smile when she stumbles across them, to share. te amo


Everyone sees the world a different way.

I see the way I do because of all I’ve seen with you.

I could write forever,

The pen would scratch and scratch, echoing too loudly for the space it occupies.

Oh, I could write forever about all of the places that we have been together.

Around our own state,

To the lands that lay across the closest borders,

Searching for our futures,

Seeing what they will hold.

Funny isn’t it, then?

That neither of us ended up places that we traveled together.

The city of dreams was next.

We drove for hours,

Crossed miles.

Not all was smiles.

But so much more would come out of it all.

How can you feel so full when surrounded by so many strangers?

It was a feeling that we shared,

A thought which we both whispered.

Our blood is not the same,

Our childhoods black and yet white,

And somehow here we are, together.

Mirrors, when you tilt your head one way.

Opposites when you glance the other.

I will not make a claim,

A claim to understand.

All I know is what I have seen.

We planned for months,

Dreamed for months,

Discussed for months,

And then we flew.

I have seen the whole world with you.

So many new places,

So many memories

They all live inside of you.

We are linked together forever by places that are not even our home.

You watched me struggle,

You held my hand as we said goodbye,

Comforted me when I cried.

You were all that I knew in countries I was lost inside of.

Lost in so many different ways.

Words have so many different meanings,

But some words always mean the same thing.





Everyone sees the world a different way.

I see the way I do because of all I’ve seen with you.


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