star light, star bright

i was lying on the ground, blankets surrounding me. the night was chilly, but not cold enough to chase us inside. every part of me was warm except for my toes, tucked into socks in my rainboots. “why are you wearing your rainboots?” i had shrugged. “just because.”

we carried our pillows and blankets downstairs. we climbed into the back of the truck. already my soul was at peace. we drove down the road, we drove until we found the spot and then we got out and walked until we found it again. we laid in a row, 6 by 1. we laughed, made funny voices, were silent, yelled, screamed, giggled. we tried to point things out in the sky to each other, shapes and animals. pointing out something so far away should be impossible but it wasn’t. we all saw differently but in that moment, we saw the same. i saw four shooting stars. the night was beautiful.

just because.


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