it’s been over a week since i last wrote anything. i can’t believe that october is almost over. time goes too fast, even when i think it is moving too slow. this last week or so has been some of those too slow times but yet too fast. things have been insane. literally no moments to spare. last weekend was c for yourself, after a crazy midterms week with little sleeping and lots of studying. c for yourself went over well but it was a lot of smiling and being cheery when i just wanted to sleep. i enjoyed my prospectives though and i think they really love Cottey. i thought things would calm down after c for yourself but of course they didn’t. more tests, more meetings, 3 volleyball games, more homework, more planning for traditions, applying for a summer job, work, golden key, leo. today was P.E.O visit day and after getting up early the last 4 days, i had to get up early again and give a tour and introduce Dr. Rodgers (the cottey president!) which i really enjoyed. I love spending time with P.E.O.s and showing them this amazing place. i just need sleep. i feel like i am trying to swim up stream but here’s the thing–it’s not as horrible as it sound be. i actually love it, in some strange way. GP (Halloween tradition) tomorrow and i couldn’t be more excited!


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